For this assignment, I decided to focus on creating a poster for a Music concert. When thinking about music concerts, I decided to use a popular music and lifestyle concert in South Africa as inspiration. It’s called, ‘Rocking the Daisies’. When doing research about the music festival, I noticed that even though the word ‘rocking’ is in the name, the music festival has changed over the years, from mostly featuring rock bands, to now having a mixture of music genres in their line ups. Although their featured music genres have changed over the years, I decided to still focus on rock music, but with a twist.


I looked at the festival’s posters from over the years, and made some notes about each one in my sketchbook. I then looked at words that describe a lot of them.


I used some of the words I identified during my research in order to create a spider diagram. I added some notes of the words I would like to focus on when developing my ideas further.

I also looked at video’s from the music festival on YouTube for further inspiration.


I used the ideas from my spider diagram to create a moodboard.



I used the moodboards as inspiration and created rough thumbnails as rough visuals for my ideas.


I was inspired to do some mark-making, instead of using a big canvas, I decide to try something different. I used different colours of nail polish to create ‘marble’ effect paintings on small wooden squares. I thought it would be a fun way to create trippy-galaxy-inspired visuals. I think the blue colour combinations came out the best.


From my thumbnails and rough drawings, I created 2 simple line visuals:


I experimented with a lot of different varieties and combinations, using collage.


I further developed my final images and added the festival logo onto it, as well as the date and general location. I also experimented with adding an astronaut playing a guitar, instead of the cheetah. I like them both, so not sure which one works the best.


I then made mock-ups of the 4 different posters to try and see which one would work best.


Personally the following was my favourite poster:

But others preferred this one:

I was having fun with all the colours and textures, so also created the following poster, just for fun:


Music by: Oisin and Malachy – Time

Music by: Skunk Anansie – What You Do For Love



This unit has taken me longer than it was supposed to. It’s just been a hard year, as for everyone else

I enjoyed creating these posters as well as the simple animations. For some reason, it’s just so exciting seeing them come to life when adding simple movement and music. It was hard to choose a favourite poster, as I kind of liked them all.

I think the posters are effective and I think if I saw them somewhere advertising a music festival, I would want to go to it.

I learnt a lot from all the different exercises in this unit and I tried to use the skills I have learnt when completing the assignment. I am not sure whether I have spent too much time on the exercises. I think sometimes I spend too much time on one thing, and then run out of time for the others. But when I feel inspired by an idea, it’s hard to stop and go onto the next exercise, when I’m still enjoying working on that one.

Alrighty, I think I’m done with Unit 3.

Thank you!


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