Yay! I finally finished Assignment 2.. thank you for your patience and support. I’ve been quite busy preparing for online teaching the past 3 weeks, hence the delay in completing this assignment. It’s been a successful 2 weeks of online teaching, and I think the children really enjoyed the daily interaction with puppets and fun activities. It’s crazy how long the preparation takes tho, but I quite enjoyed the LIVE part of it.

I managed to find some time to complete my assignment over the weekend. Part 2 had a lot of exercises and I sometimes wasn’t sure how much time I should be spending on each one. The variety of different exercises were diverse and definitely challenged me to think about how to approach things in different ways.

I enjoyed the process of developing my skills in the different aspects. After exploring using: spider diagrams, moodboards and turning words into pictures, the moodboards were definitely my favourite visual process! I prefer creating my moodboards digitally for several reasons, including: it saves reprinting several A4 sheets of paper for different pictures (saving on ink and paper during lockdown times); I liked being able to adjust the size of images digitally in Procreate in order to collage them together; using Procreate, it made it easier to create a colour palette for my different moodboards. After completing the moodboard digitally, I would then print it out to add to my sketchbook. I love creating moodboards! It is so much fun!

I usually enjoy using mindmaps to brainstorm new ideas, so the spider diagrams was a good way to extend that method by adding more detail. Although I usually scribble down ideas when thinking about new illustrations or doodles, I found the exercise about turning words into pictures strangely challenging? I guess I was too precious about it, instead of just scribbling down ideas. I guess in the future, I could find my own way to combine the 2 methods by using words/phrases and simple doodles in the same mindmap.

I enjoyed the ‘Exploring drawing and painting‘ exercise and think I could have turned some of those cupcakes into characters for little simple animations, if I had more time/ used my time more wisely. I enjoy mark-making and did this exercise before working on the ‘Using reference’ exercise. I actually used the idea of using berry tea later on in the ‘Choosing content’ exercise, after experimenting with it during ‘Exploring drawing and painting’. I think the outcome was very affective, and did I not experiment with it during the mark-making exercise, I probably would not have thought about using it.

I was surprised how much I actually enjoyed working on, ‘Choosing content’. I usually like working with bright colours and didn’t think I’d enjoy that exercise. I’m also not very good at drawing faces as they are, and usually doodle more cartoon-like creatures. Then once I started constructing the characters’ face, I was pleasantly surprised with how well it came out. I was also happy with how the grey shades worked well together, including the berry tea mark-making used for the background. When working on the ‘Sketchbooks’ module, I often got the feedback that I need to tone down my use of too many bright colours and patterns in the same images. So I was happy to try to achieve that with this exercise.

With the exercise, ‘An objective drawing’ I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to do it justice, as I am not good at drawing things as they really are, but I think it came out alright. I loved the process of creating the ‘subjective drawing‘. I enjoyed creating the moodboards and experimenting with Mark-making for this exercise.

At first I wasn’t sure how to approach the exercise, ‘Using black and white’. I decided on choosing a simple design with mostly clear lines, to make it a bit easier for myself. The cutting out and glueing together part of the exercise was a bit tricky, leaving some smudge marks from the glue and ink, although I guess the layered effect added more texture to the final image, with lines not aligning perfectly.

The exercise ‘Using reference’, required a lot of research into a lot of different aspects from the 1950’s. For most of my exercises and assignments, I use Pinterest as a visual resource for reference images, and I used it again for this exercise. I also used the other processes which I’ve learnt to use during this part of the course, including: spider diagrams and moodboards. I enjoyed this exercise, but found drawing the characters’ face quite challenging. I don’t think I’m completely happy with the outcome, but I guess it could’ve been worse.

Although I found a lot of the exercises challenging, I ended up enjoying the process of completing most of them. I enjoy looking at surreal illustrations, and was surprised that I found the exercise, ‘visual metaphors’ so hard. It is an area which I need to develop further in the future, as I don’t think I managed to complete it successfully.

Assignment 2 was a fun challenge. I followed the processes learnt during this course: from making spider diagrams; to moodboards; to using reference images; to choosing content; to making objective paintings; and then editing it digitally in Procreate; to trying out different combinations of fruit and veggies, as well as different backgrounds for the designs. It was a fun process and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked using the Liquitex acrylic paint and love how the colours pop. The watermelon designs are my favourite! I don’t think the pumpkins came out as successful as I would’ve have liked, but I guess it’s a learning process.

Thank you for taking the time to view my learning log!

Have a lovely day!

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