Thank you for the positive and encouraging feedback and suggestions for the future. I really appreciate it.


Thank you! I would like to submit my work for formal assessment once completed. Any feedback or advise will be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for the lovely feedback. I really did enjoy this assignment and combining the different ideas together. Thank you for the suggested ideas to use in the future. At the moment I don’t have the necessary skills to do more advanced animations yet, but it would be fun to develop this skill in the future. I have so much to learn!

I have never heard of the term ‘bricolage’ before.. but I like it! In the past I have experimented with using shells in my illustrations, which was a fun process. I guess there are so many other things I could use in my illustrations to develop different ideas.


Thank you for the suggestions to look into the following artists and programs:

Mark Hearld:

When looking at the work of Mark Hearld, I actually liked one of his red and white ‘Birds and Squirrels’ screenprints, with an interesting design and detail on it, I love how his limited use of colour is so effective. I also loved his ceramic horses, decorated with beautiful blue designs.

Tom Ashton Booth:

His skills with creating art using paper, is incredible! I wish I could find my own style like him.. but I guess it takes years to develop.. and I also guess while studying Illustration, I should try out lots of different styles and ways of doing things. I also had a look at his work on Instagram and loved all his sketchbook doodles and ‘behind the scenes’ studio shelf.

Karel Zeman:

Wow! Amazing! It looks like real film, it’s amazing how he combined live-action footage with animation… ‘mind blown’. I don’t think I’ve ever really put that much thought into how films or animations are created before. It’s very interesting, and a whole new level of skill required. When looking into the Artist, I was amazed by the variety of different techniques he experimented with.

Hannah Hoch:

When looking into her work, it was interesting how she was so passionate in using her art as a voice to some of her views on the place of women in society, at the time. I like surreal collages and like the notion of the Dada movement, that art should be playful and fun, without restrictions or boundaries.

‘The Amazing World of Gumball”:

I had a look at it online and I love the use of the different textures, collage, real life photographs as backgrounds, and a combination of 2-D and 3-D animation. Such a cool effect! I would love to incorporate that combination in my own animations in the future. Only problem is, when I try it, it will probably look out of place and too much, when I try to add all the different effects together. I think it’s an art in itself to get it right.

“Hey Duggee”:

I LOVE it! So cute! I loved ‘The Puppet Badge”, but also liked the way they used little figures of the characters in a different episode. I think it would save time using puppets or figures instead of illustrating all the images for animation. So, a good idea to mix it up 🙂 A lot of fun ideas to use in online learning recordings or LIVE sessions in the future. Thank you for sharing! I love it!

George Melies:

I had a look at one of his films, ‘Le Voyage dans la Lune’ on Youtube, very interesting and remarkable for that time. For the part that I watched, the parts with the moon, as well as the part with the growing mushrooms, were my favourites. I also looked at “The Mermaid”, and the early use of ‘special effects’ to transform the fish into a mermaid. Very cool!

When reading about his life, it was fun to read how he used to get in trouble for covering his notebooks and textbooks with drawings, as his creative instincts outweighed his intellectual ones. I used to cover my notebooks in silly doodles too! My friends used to think I wasn’t paying attention, but I think it actually helped me to concentrate better.

Bratislava Pojar:

I had a look at the video in YouTube. I absolutely love the way he used different textures and 3-D pieces in the animation. His style is very unique, with interesting use of colour and I love his sense of humour. So cute and charming! It’s so artistic, compared to other more commercialised animations. It’s amazing how he made the different characters transform into different objects and then back into the characters. It must take a lot of time and dedication to complete an hour of animation like that, with such interesting techniques, as even when I do the most simple little animation, it feels like it takes forever!


What I found most interesting about looking at the lives and work of the different artists, was that most of them had quite a long journey to becoming successful artists. It didn’t happen overnight and a lot of them went through a lot of different professions or jobs to pay the bills, before getting to a place in life, where they could just make their art. I find that inspiring as I’m only starting to follow my dream of becoming an illustrator at a later point in life, and sometimes feel like studying for a degree part-time will take forever before getting where I want to be as an illustrator one day. I guess this gives me hope, that it’s ok to just try my best for now.


Thank you, I forgot to add it for Assignment 1, but I will add a ‘scanned sketchbook’ at the end of each assignment.


Thank you for the advise. During my previous module ‘Sketchbooks’, I spent a lot of time researching other artists and their processes and sometimes ended up spending less time on the exercises. Part 2 has quite a lot of exercises, so I need to find a balance in order complete the exercises as well as looking at other artists’ work, without getting lost in the one or the other.


Thank you! I’m looking forward to the next Assignment! 🙂

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