I had a look through some of the magazines I have in the apartment & decided to focus on the following editorial. I love the ocean & thought it would be fun creating an illustration to create awareness of the negative affect of plastic on the ocean. I followed the instructions by underlining words/ sentences which I think sums up the reason for the editorial. I then jotted down words which I think were the most important & wrote down some sentences to focus on when creating my illustrations.

‘I am going to create an image about Activism to raise awareness of the negative effect of plastic pollution on the ocean.’


I had a look for ideas on Pinterest:

Ocean recycling posters:


Recycled plastic ocean arts & crafts:



I had a look to see what kind of plastic items I have in the apartment to use to possibly create sea animals. I decided to focus on using plastic bottles & blue plastic wrappers & packaging for colour.

I created a blue ‘under the sea’ background by cutting up the blue wrapping & packaging from the water bottles & toilet rolls. I glued & stuck pieces together onto a piece of cardboard. I then cut out shapes from the plastic water bottles to use to create sea animals. I decided to make a jellyfish and a fish. I cut out strips of bubble wrap for the jellyfish & fish parts. I used an airbrush to add bright green & yellow colour to the different plastic pieces. Once it was dry, I used a glue gun to put the pieces together & to add google eyes. I also used some beads & thread to add to the jellyfish.



I had a look at old photographs I’ve taken at different aquariums to see if there were any images I could use for this exercise. I decided to use one of the photographs as a background for the ‘under the sea’ images. I then edited the ‘under the sea’ background I created using the blue plastic wrappers, into seaweed to add as layers on top of the aquarium background.

I used the photographs I took of my recycled plastic jellyfish & fish and multiplied them digitally in Procreate. I chose 3 fish from old photographs & edited & multiplied them to experiment with different combinations. I tried out adding posters for the protesting fish.

I typed out the editorial text in order to create a mock up for the images to be added onto. I then added the 3 different combinations to the text in order to see what it would look like as an image for the editorial.

I ended up with the following 3 mock-ups. I don’t think the jellyfish image was working or really going anywhere. Personally I prefer the one with the fish protesting, but I also think the image with lots of plastic fish & only 1 real one is a possible option.


It was a fun process creating the jellyfish & fish using recycled plastic items. I’m not sure how effectively it contributed to the end results, but it was an enjoyable creative process. I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to add the text of the editorial in the mock-ups, in order to complete this exercise. Hopefully, it is alright to use for study purposes.

I’m not sure whether the images are too ‘happy’ to match the editorial. It might have been better if I created more upsetting images in order to get the urgency of the message across. Then again, when I look through a magazine, I am more attracted to articles with fun images.

UPDATE: July 9th 2020

I used some of the images which I created for this exercise to enter a competition run by ‘Art for Planet Earth’ on Instagram to create glass bottle designs. Although I do not think I’ll win the competition, it was a fun experience to participate:


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