I had a look at different types of greeting cards & ideas on Pinterest:




After looking at the different types of greeting cards & ideas on Pinterest, I decided to make a concertina shaped card in order to have enough space to be able to add all the following detail:


– about myself

– my interests

– my inspirations

– materials I feel happy working with

– what I would like to get from this course

I love little tins & thought it would be fun to add my concertina-style greeting card inside the tin. I thought it would be fun to add a little mini-me that could ‘move’ from page to page in the card, as I’m sharing my information. I then thought it would be fun to add a bigger version of ‘me’ to stick the tin onto.


I brainstormed different ideas and considered going with the following:

– ocean mermaid theme

– fairy wildflowers theme

– African theme

I decided to try and combine ideas from the above themes to create a more unique tin/card to match my interests.

– wildflowers

– Southern Right Whales

– the ocean

– the sky

– travelling

– South Africa

My inspirations:

– nature

– travelling experiences

– life in general

Materials I feel happy working with:

– Acrylic paint

– Posca markers

– Micron pens

– Koi markers

– Procreate – digital work

Processes I like to combine:

– surreal collages

– doodles

– Mark-making

– using objects

I also like using:

– bright colours

– patterns

What I would like to get from this course:

– develop skills

– to become better at illustrating


I tried out a rough concertina greeting card mock-up in order to see if it would work & to decide on what size will fit inside the tiny tin. I folded a paper airplane to use in my card.

I created a ‘graph’ background using Procreate. I incorporated several photographs in my card. I used the sky & wildflowers photographs that I took to create a collage for the front cover. I used a photograph of African fabric to create the line-out for the African continent, and added a heart where South Africa is. I used the same African fabric pattern for the front cover of the tin & added a little wooden heart which I painted pink using a paint marker. I added photographs of a Southern Right Whale & wildflowers. For the next pages I only added emoji’s for decoration. I then added the text to all the pages.

I then saved all the pages and added them to one page in order to create the layout. I printed them out, folded them & attached the 3 strips together. I completed the front cover once I added wings to my face/ photograph. I changed my character to black & white, to stand out against the bright background. I also added a wildflower for my hair. I printed out a big & tiny character. I used the big one to glue the tin onto. The tiny one, I used to create a ‘mini-me’ to put inside the tin. I used a tiny tictac plastic container & added a little wooden heart which I painted pink. I also added a little mirror for the sun & some facial ‘jewel stickers’


This was such a fun activity. I had lots of different ideas & struggled at first to decide on which theme to go with.. but once I decided the ideas kind of just kept flowing, until I ended up with the final piece.

I decided to create a short animation to show how the concertina card unfolds. The text is not easy to read in the animation as it is quite small & I had to make it small enough to fit in all the pages in 1 photograph when opened. so I added the A4 size pages at the end of the animation, so that it is easier to read. Although the text seems very small in the animation, it is very clear to read in person.

If I had to change something, I would change the ‘graph’ background to a lighter shade of blue & erase the lines where the text is in order to make it easier to read.

I think the outcome is very cute and fun. I loved the process of creating it.

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