I have enjoyed reading my Tutor’s feedback and am happy to read that my work has come a long way with this unit. Looking back, I do feel like I have learnt a lot and have definitely learnt to be more experimental in my approach to mark-making. I love to read that my ‘printing, pattern and collage work is developing really well’, as the use of ‘collage’, has been my favourite process which I developed during this unit.


I agree that taking the time to revisit responses from earlier questions & my visual work has definitely given me a better understanding of what worked and areas which I need to improve on. It’s given me a comprehensive look into what I’ve learnt during this unit and how my process of creative development has changed over time.


During this course, I have looked at the work of so many different artists. It has been really interesting and a great learning journey. I have enjoyed looking at how artists use their sketchbooks and how it links to I their completed artwork.


I enjoyed making the action plans and thought it was fun turning it into an animation. I do think it helped to have them more easily stamped into my visual memory than a simple list. I often find, working with text in different ways helps me to internalise it more. I do think that I am sometimes over critical of myself sometimes. I guess I wish I could be better, faster.. but I agree with my Tutor that ‘development happens over time and can’t be expected to happen all at once’. I should be more realistic when setting myself aims/ objectives.

I guess as I’m starting to study for a second degree at an older age, I feel like I’ve wasted so much time and that it will take me forever to get where other artists of my age already are at. I just feel like it’s going to take me forever to graduate and to even attempt at being a successful illustrator one day. Anyways, it is what it is.


I enjoyed this exercise and although I chose to complete it digitally in order to save my ink, I do think it was actually easier than using paper. When I started this course, for assignment 1 and 2, I was completing all exercises and assignments by using ink on paper, and printing out work in different sizes. Photographing work and then re-printing it to create the different layers for some work. Once I started using Procreate, I found that it was a lot easier to edit work, to change sizes or different aspects of a piece of work. I don’t think the lack of printing restricts my freedom as much, as I find it easier to edit work on Procreate. When I use ‘layers’ in Procreate, I use it in the same way I use collage with paper, but it’s just easier to edit work and to create a variety of versions of the same work, without having to re-print it. Definitely saving paper and ink. When I do have access to ink, I still like to print out my work and create a ‘scrapbook’/ visual journal in order to document my creative thinking development processes.


In hindsight, I think I could’ve approached this activity more freely, incorporating more mark-making in creating the sketchbook itself. But I do think it’s great having a sketchbook that summarises all the work I’ve done during this course. It’s a fun way to look at everything I’ve done and enjoyed working on. I think the Tutor’s points to reconsider, to make a short video turning the pages of my visual journal is a good idea for formal assessment. I think I might use the photographs of my work to create a short video for each unit of the course. It might be easier for the Assessor to just look at the video’s instead of going through my whole online learning log.



Thank you to my Tutor for her lovely feedback on Assignment 5. I am glad to hear that I have “taken on board all of the elements explored throughout the course and experimented fully with media, colour and pattern to produce a very interesting body of work.” I also hope that I will continue to be spontaneous with my work and that I will be able to keep my enthusiasm for experimentation & creativity going. I do find that i go through phases of feeling inspired. Sometimes I have so many ideas ‘hitting’ me at once, that I find it hard to choose what to focus on first. Then other times, I cant find the motivation to do anything at all. So really hope that I can keep going.

I agree with my Tutor’s choice of favourite piece produced for Assignment 5. I do think that is my favourite too. I’m relieved to hear that the image ‘successfully combines’ my ‘skill with pattern and printing’ with my ‘sense of design, as I do often struggle finding the balance with using too much colour and patterns. So I am very happy with the outcome & the positive feedback.

Thank you for the positive feedback on my engagement with the sketchbook circle. Much appreciated.



Thank you for the lovely feedback! I have learnt so much. Hopefully, I will be able to continue to apply all the new skills and processes I’ve developed during this course, when working on my next course, “Key Steps in Illustration’.

Thank you for everything!

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