I was over-ambitious when I created this Instagram sketchbook circle prompts list. From all the prompts, I only managed to create 3 illustrations. I think for the the next list, I will only choose 8 prompts for the whole month. It might be a more reasonable expectation when considering the time required. I guess I could have made quick rough sketches or doodles for the other prompts, but I quite enjoy developing each idea into a proper illustration.

I enjoyed creating these 3 illustrations:

PROMPT: balloon



I used posca markers to create doodles for a background. I created a little character of me with a balloon, using collage/ layers in Procreate. I cut out words/ phrases from various magazines to arrange around my character. I added all the layers together using Procreate and added a quote. I am happy with the outcome of my illustration. It is colourful and a fun illustration of how over-crowded my mind is at the time.

PROMPTS: flowers & quote



I re-used the greenery background which I created for the story, ‘Super Sally & Dolly Dragon’ in Part.4 of this course. I was inspired by photographs of flowers from my Mum’s garden and added it all together on graph paper, using Procreate. I used the Adobe Spark Post App to add the quote. I love this illustration. I think it is fun & fresh.

PROMPT: interesting fact



For this illustration, I was inspired by a fact about pineapples I read about online. I thought it was quite funny and that it would be fun to create an illustration about it. I looked on Pinterest for photographs of vintage dolls from the 1700’s. I created the ‘room’ in Procreate and added the wall paper using the ‘Victorian’ texture from the brush library. I tried to use different shades of green to complete the look of the room and to add ‘depth’ to it. I added ‘mirrors’, ‘chandelier’, ‘ dolls’ and ‘pineapple’ using collage in layers. I added a ‘check’ floor. Once the illustration was completed, I added the fact at the top re-using the colours from the ‘room’. I decided to add thinking bubbles with short phrases & emoji’s to make it more funny. Out of the 3 illustrations, this one was my favourite.

NAME: Juanita du Toit


COURSE: Illustration 1: Illustration Sketchbooks

The Open College of the Arts (University for the Creative Arts)

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