I had a look at the following storyboard reflections by the artist on his instagram account at the following links:

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The cinematography in this iconic scene from @jordanpeele 's #getout is really amazing. Upon doing these studies I observed quite a few techniques used to push the narrative. 1. As we begin the scene, Chris is in shadow. This represents his uncertainty about visiting Rose's family. This is contrasted with Rose's mother, Missy who begins the scene in the light. She knows what she wants. 2. After entering the room, Chris is backlit by the color blue. This color is integral to this scene. The blue is what Missy is trying to get from Chris, the emotional scars of his past. It's notable that when the backlighting occurs the source of blue isn't from the room, it's from outside but manages to catch Chris. This shows that the dangers from outside in the previous scene are present, even though he has escaped to a seemingly safe room with Missy. When Missy grabs the tea cup, it is a weapon used to force Chris to reveal the past, so naturally it MUST be blue. Then when we finally have the flashback and story of Chris's Mother's death, the entire scene is blue. 3. The flashback is mostly blurred which makes it almost look like you're peering through water. This separates the flashback visually from the present, enforces the idea that it was raining, and foreshadows Chris's tears. When we realize Chris is being effected physically by this forced revelation, the blur is carried into the present. 4. His eyes are becoming progressively more red until they are bloodshot as he is crying and frozen. The blue is gone because the past has been revealed. This of course leads us to the famous line "Now sink into the floor" #storyboard #drawing #sketchbook

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I can definitely learn from his example by studying my own illustrations in more detail in order to learn where I can improve and how I can change things in order to get a more desired effect/ outcome. Being more descriptive in critique’ing my own work, could help me to use more meaningful angles/ expressions/ colours/ shadows.

NAME: Juanita du Toit


COURSE: Illustration 1: Illustration Sketchbooks

The Open College of the Arts (University for the Creative Arts)

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