I went to the Hotel’s Hydro Spa. I decided to take my sketchbook with me. While sitting on the side of the Hydro Spa’s pool, I started drawing different people in the pool. I focused mostly on their faces. People tend to move much slower in the Hydro Spa pool, which made it a bit easier to draw them. I kept my sunglasses on, as I didn’t want anyone to notice that I was attempting to draw them. When they turned around, I moved onto another person, and returned when they were turned back to their previous position. It was a fun activity as the features/ details on the faces/ people were quite diverse. All the people I drew, were not in the pool at the same time. I added them at the same time. I added them as they moved in and out of the pool. A lot of people tend to have a nap on the side of the pool, often falling asleep while reading a book. The sounds of the water features in the pool creates a very relaxing atmosphere. Adjectives that came to mind are: relaxing; calm; therapeutic. While I was observing and sketching people, at one point I imagined them as fish with human behaviour. I think it would be fun to create an illustration of that.

I also took some photographs of some of the physical features of the Hydro Spa. It is not really allowed to take photographs in there. Therefore, I did not take any photographs of the people who came later.

It made it a really good place to do reportage sketching. I enjoyed sketching at the Hydro Spa and imagined fishy characters falling asleep while reading a book. I think I might have to go on a sketchbook journey to the beach to re-imagine fishy characters there as well. If only it wasn’t so humid outside.


When I came home from the spa, I drew illustrations of the fishy characters in the Hydro Spa pool and falling asleep while reading a book. I decided to go for a fun narrative.

I think it would be fun creating illustrations of fishy characters doing the following: getting a massage; in the washroom; wearing a facial mask and cucumber slices on their eyes; wearing bikini’s on the beach; drinking from a pineapple while sitting under a palm tree; a crowd of fish using a dating app called, “Fish-her” (like Tinder), ‘catch’ instead of ‘match’ with the slogan, “There are a lot of fish in the sea”; Date Night at the ‘Fish & chip shop’, ‘buy 1- get 1 free’ with the slogan, “I have Fish Fever”; Zen Fish doing yoga and meditation.. “fishitation”; at a beach party; Teacher with a ‘school of fish’; etc.


When looking at the SCAMPER strategy for creative thinking, I chose to:

‘(M) Modify’ images by redrafting them to improve the line and form;

‘(A) Adapting’ material and format using mark-making tools;

‘(S) Substitute’ the human faces with fish characters;

‘C) Combine’ sketchbook drawings with other resources, for example: photographs I have taken; mark-making sheets; doodles from my sketchbook; and other relevant images.


The bubbles in the Hydro Spa inspired me to create a ‘bubble’- effect on card, using: paint; washing-up liquid; water; a bowl and a straw. I mixed the washing-up liquid, water & paint together in a bowl. I then used a straw to blow bubbles to print the card on. It created the illusion of a bubble texture on the card. It was a fun activity. I think I will be able to use these bubble prints to create the ‘water’ effect in the Hydro Spa pools as represented in my illustrations.


I then decided to have a go at re-creating my rough drawings from my sketchbook, using Procreate on my iPad. I am still learning how to use the program, so I am quite slow at creating images digitally.

I have really enjoyed exploring with the method of ‘collage’ during Assignment 1 &2. Although I am going to use Procreate in order to create illustrations digitally, I will be following the same collage- method by using ‘layers’ instead of using glue on paper.

I used the following photographs that I took at the Hydro Spa as a frame:

I took a picture of the bubble- sheets created during mark-making in order to create a ‘water’ effect in my illustrations on Procreate:

I also incorporated the following mark-making sheets in order to add colour and an illusion of texture to my fish- characters in my illustrations:

I used the following mark-making sheets in order to create a green plant effect:

As well as the following mark-making sheet to experiment with a water-effect:

I experimented with incorporating the following doodles:

As well as the following for background:




Although I enjoyed creating these illustrations digitally, I found it quite time-consuming due to my slow skills when using Procreate. I definitely need to practise more in order to get faster at using basic skills digitally.

I liked using Procreate as I think it makes my illustrations look more professional. I love using the different ‘layers’ and being able to add or delete a layer along the way. I love how flexible the program is to use. It is easier to change different elements of an illustration without having to start from the beginning, for example like when using paper for collage.

I enjoyed trying out the SCAMPER strategy in order to generate new ideas. It was such a fun activity. Hopefully, with time it will come more naturally to me.

I like the way incorporating my mark-making sheets, added a sense of texture to my illustrations. I love the combination and playfulness of all the bright colours and patterns.

I think the fishy- characters are very funny. I might just have to create some more fishy illustrations in the future. 🙂

NAME: Juanita du Toit


COURSE: Illustration 1: Illustration Sketchbooks

The Open College of the Arts (University for the Creative Arts)

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