I had a look at the work of the artist Lucy Austin:

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I had a look at the work of the artist Karen Thomas:

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The last (and first!) time I got to observe a Kingfisher, up close, for a decent length of time was at Dedham Vale last year, purely by chance. It was a couple of months after hearing about – and being tempted by – photography workshops, where a large barrel of water is set up in a particular spot where, every ten or so minutes, a Kingfisher will reliably arrive to dive in. I feel incredibly lucky to have glimpsed one so clearly in the wild. . . . . #art_collective #art_we_inspire #artistic_support #artjourney #artlife #artwork #beinspired #bigmagic #bird #birdart #birdartist #birdbrilliance #colourful #gallery #kingfisher #inspiration #interiorandhome #interiorart #interiordecorating #interiorstyling #wildlifeart #karenthomas #optoutside #painteroflight #painting #passioncolorjoy #kingfishersofinstagram #watercolor_zone #watercolorpainting #watercolourpainting

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Although both of these artists use watercolour predominantly in their work, their style is completely different. The work of Lucy Austin is abstract, using lots of lines, shapes & layers to represent urban landscape. Whereas the work of Karen Thomas is inspired by nature. She produces beautiful watercolour paintings of animals.

The one artist uses watercolour paint to create soft, direct visual representations of her subject. Where the other artist uses the medium to create strong abstract representations of her subject.

Personally, I like the work of Lucy Austin, but would prefer more vibrant and bright colours in her paintings.

NAME: Juanita du Toit


COURSE: Illustration 1: Illustration Sketchbooks

The Open College of the Arts (University for the Creative Arts)

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