I have thoroughly enjoyed researching all these different artists: Felipe De Castro; Sabine Timm; Vincent Bal; Roy’s People; Tanaka Tatsuya; Christoph Niemann & Saul Steinberg. ; & other artists.

I also had a look at the work of the artist, Lynda Barry as my Tutor suggested. I absolutely love these illustrations by her:

They’re magical! Thank you!

The work of all of these different artists definitely inspired me to think more ‘out of the box’… or more so ‘illuminate the box entirely’. It has made me look at life in a different way, from different angles and perspectives. Thus, giving me a bigger variety of ways to approach themes and materials. It has given me the opportunity to express my creativity more experimentally.


For Part 2 of this course, I’ve decided to try creating more surreal collages for my sketchbook circle prompts. Out of all the weekly prompts, I loved creating the collages for the prompts: ‘dreams‘ and ‘neighbours‘ the most. I found that I could really relate to these prompts and creative ideas came to me quite easily. I found that creating collages for the ‘dream’ prompt, felt like art and colour therapy.


When I was about to start Part 2 of this course, I wasn’t sure whether to start in new sketchbooks, or to continue in the ones I already have from Part 1. I decided to continue with some of the sketchbooks I have already as they weren’t filled up yet. I hope it will not be too confusing to find the different parts during assessment. I also started & filled one new sketchbook.


The exercises from Part 2 of this course made me experiment with a bigger variety of different ways of mark-making. It has definitely broaden my horizons and generated new methods and processes I would never have thought of using in the past. I am hoping to learn to incorporate them more into my future illustrations.


I tried to stay more up to date by updating my sketchbook circle prompt illustrations on my blog weekly. I still need to focus on updating my other exercises as soon as I’ve completed them, instead of saving them as drafts to publish later. It’s a working-progress.


I am excited about the learning journey Part 2 of this course has taken me on.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my illustrations and my creative journey. I’m excited to read your feedback. 🙂

I am looking forward to start Part 3 and to see what I’ll be learning about next.


NAME: Juanita du Toit


COURSE: Illustration 1: Illustration Sketchbooks

The Open College of the Arts (University for the Creative Arts)

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