I was inspired by the illustrations from the artist, Ian Sklarsky. I like the way he uses colour to enhance his blind contour sketches.

Reference Link:



I decided to re- draw the still life scene from exercise 2.0, using semi-blind contour drawing.

I then thought it would be fun to look at a photograph of Frida Kahlo and try to draw her facial features in a cartoon style. I re-used the same photograph to re-draw it several times using semi-blind – as well as blind contour drawing.


I found it easier to complete blind drawings when working faster. When drawing faster, I found it easier to place the different facial features in the more appropriate places. When drawing slowly, I found that I lost my sense of where to place the different features.

The results from this exercise is pretty funny 🙂

Semi-blind contour rapid sketches:

Blind contour rapid sketches:

NAME: Juanita du Toit


COURSE: Illustration 1: Illustration Sketchbooks

The Open College of the Arts (University for the Creative Arts)

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