I love going to antique shops.. there are always ‘ treasures’ to be discovered.

While at the antique shops, I took pictures of vintage phones and thought I could use them in a collage for this prompt.

To me the vintage phones that I’ve photographed, looks like faces, so I used it as an example of pareidolia.

I then thought that it would be fun to choose different ‘wall paper’ to use as background for these characters. While at a fabric shop, I looked for fabric that could possibly work as wall paper designs. I decided on these 4 and took pictures of the fabric.

Then I browsed through magazines to find ‘bodies’ for them. I cut them out and stuck all the pieces together to create collages.

After that, I tried to think of things my characters could possibly say and looked at memes/ jokes online for inspiration. I added speech bubbles. I didn’t like the handwritten text, so re – added it digitally.


Out of the 4 collages, I like the green and blue ones the best. I loved the way the 4 different backgrounds worked well when put together.

NAME: Juanita du Toit


COURSE: Illustration 1: Illustration Sketchbooks

The Open College of the Arts (University for the Creative Arts)

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