I really enjoyed thinking of different ideas for this prompt 🙂

I had a brainstorming session to think of different kinds of neighbours my friends and I have experienced in the past while living in apartment buildings, for example:

– the noisy ‘giant’ living upstairs, you can hear his every step

– the ridiculously noisy children kicking/ bouncing a ball, jumping around/ screaming/ crying (which is especially annoying if you’ve had a long day as a teacher with noisy children at school)

– the ‘rock star’/ party animal who plays his drums/ loud music till 6am in the morning (and then stops playing music, just when you have to wake up and get ready for work)

– the nosy neighbour who watches when everyone goes in and out of the building/ eavesdropping

– the gossip neighbour who causes drama where there is none

– the diy neighbour who thinks 11pm is a great time to start drilling

– the neighbour who uses a broomstick out of anger and frustration because of the noise, to hit on the ceiling (not that the upstairs neighbour takes any notice of it, lol.)

– the neighbour who only has 2 hours to study, and can’t concentrate because of all the noise, who ends up shouting at the noisy neighbours; etc.


I tried to create my own background using ‘Procreate’. At first, I thought I’d use a different colour for each neighbour. After trying it, I decided to go back to using only ‘black and white’ check as it had a more striking effect with all the neighbours having the same background.

I decided to represent my neighbours as different ‘animal’ – characters on human bodies. I thought it created a more fun effect than using human faces. I decided on using the following animals:

– lion Dad and lion cubs playing football inside

– nosy leopard eavesdropping on the next door neighbours

– 2 female hippos gossiping and a baby hippo in the pram

– an elephant doing diy, drilling holes in the wall to hang frames

– a zebra couple dancing to the jukebox tunes

– a baboon trying to sleep, having to cover it’s ears from the drilling noise coming from upstairs

– the panda student trying to study, but being disturbed by all the noise coming from the upstairs neighbours

– the giraffe using the broom to hit the ceiling out of frustration from being fed up with all the noise coming from upstairs

I printed off different pictures to cut, glue and stick to make up each rooms’ decor. I added some speech bubbles and text to some of the rooms/ characters in order to give a better idea of what is going on. Individually, each picture might not make much sense, but all 9 put together, created a fun representation of different neighbours reacting to the noise.


After creating these collages, I thought I’d make a ‘foldy’ little booklet for each character/ room.

I started off thinking of different ideas, for example:

– a recipe book for the giraffe, that unfolds into a recipe

– a drawing book for one of the lion cubs, that unfolds into a drawing

– a diy book for the elephant, that unfolds into instructions.. or not. Hehe.

– a study diary for the panda, that unfolds into a weekly study schedule

– a notebook for the rocking leopard, that unfolds into a concert poster

– a party planning notebook for the zebras, that unfolds into a song playlist

– a notebook for the hippo, that unfolds into a shopping list

– a notebook for the baboon, that unfolds into a paper that says ‘I love naps’

– a doodle book for the nosy leopard that unfolds into a drawing of a leopard

Each foldy would unfold into a ‘poster’. I created simple A4 ‘posters’ using ‘procreate’. I then created some patterns on ‘procreate’ to use as ‘book covers’. I started decorating some of them.

At first I thought it would be fun making these, but unfortunately I lost interest and didn’t complete all of them. Maybe if I just stuck to making 1, I would have enjoyed it more.


I think out of all the weekly sketchbook prompts so far, I enjoyed making these collages the most. I think it’s a theme that most people can relate to.



NAME: Juanita du Toit


COURSE: Illustration 1: Illustration Sketchbooks

The Open College of the Arts (University for the Creative Arts)


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